Provide performance enhancing, earth friendly athletic wear for today’s athletes along with exceptional customer support.
Washing Instructions
Machine wash • Use cold water • Mild soap
Do not Bleach • Tumble Dry medium

To Remove Spills
Rinse off using water or shake
Do Not Rub Stain In

After Use / Between Washings
Hang your Zenkai garment to dry
Simply Take, Shake & Hang
Designed in Portland, Oregon
Tested in Vancouver, Canada
Produced in India

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No fabric helps the body regulate its temperature better than bare skin and we've engineered the next best thing.

The need to rehydrate and the role of sweat to cool the body are longstanding nutrition and training factors. Mainstream moisture wicking fabrics diminish an athlete’s performance by interfering with sweat’s critical role on the skin to affect temperature regulation in the body.

Scientific research demonstrates that the technology used by ZENKAI™ in its apparel is effective in keeping sweat on the skin, where it can cool the body as nature intended. This will have a positive impact on performance, endurance, and energy output. I knew right away ZENKAI™’s technology was a once-in-an-industry no-brainer that has, until now, been somehow missed by everyone.

ZENKAI™ pivots the compass 180 degrees. They bring a new competitive edge I did not think was possible until now.  I’m shifting all of my coaches and athletes to the most innovative gear on the market.  Top performance wins.  I’m with the new champion, ZENKAI™.

– Peter Twist –

You've changed, but has your gear?

I’m shifting all of my coaches and athletes to the most innovative gear on the market. Top performance wins. I’m with the new champion, ZENKAI™.


ZENKAI™ gear is ready for any occasion from extra practice to battling the outside elements. Our Filium® activated fabrics protect you against the elements naturally without sacrificing breathability. ZENKAI™ gear also dries 40% faster than synthetic fabrics so just take, shake, and hang.

There are no harsh chemicals or nano-particles used in any ZENKAI™ apparel. Just natural fabrics that will protect you against the elements whenever you go Full Throttle, for the life of the garment.

We've got you covered
Next Generation Anti-Odor Technology

Sweat itself is odorless, but it creates the environment that bacteria need to multiply and some of these bacteria produce odors. Filium® stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria so you can train more and wash less.

Filium® does not interfere with perspiration or with the skin’s natural bacterial flora and it’s safe to use next to the skin. There are no nanoparticles or chemicals that can break down and leach into your skin or the environment.

ZENKAI™ can be worn multiple times between each wash prolonging the life of our garments.

We’ll go head to head with anyone who claims their anti-odor technology is better, you pick the place and time.

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Designed and built with care

Nature needs heroes which is why the only footprint we want to leave is on the way to train, practice, or a game.

ZENKAI™’s core technology is produced using sustainable materials that are natural, breathable, and good for both your skin and the Earth. ZENKAI™ does not use any nanoparticles or chemicals that can break down and leach into your skin or the environment.

Our processes are safe for you and the planet.

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